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Presentations are dull. Stories are not.

“Purposeful storytelling isn’t show business, it’s good business.”

Peter Guber

You Know Your Audience !

Do You have a main message that you want to share with them ?

Investing in a clear and consistent story will support your business’ overarching vision.

Our Staff Writers will write your brand story that builds your brand personality to connect with your audience. We will also share your story with an Online Business Magazine read by Entrepreneurs, Business Owners and Business Leaders from across the World.

Tink Experience is a content marketing service of Tink Tank dbc.


We help businesses across the globe to create perfectly written content that is increasingly used across all digital medium that the brand is active on.


Tink Tank dbc provides business focussed service to help business build online presence. Our experts look for maximising insights and efficiency, a methodology that ensure that all elements of online market get consistent view of what they represent giving business the highest value

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