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Entrepreneurial Jouney of a 16 Yr. Old Girl

Gemini is an extraordinary speaker whose talks empower individuals to combine creativity and knowledge to enhance their abilities. For over 24 years she has been working with an extensive range of people including celebrities, CEOs, home makers and children to help strengthen their core belief systems and bring balance in their life.

About Gemini

Gemini Dhar is a take charge expert and author who coaches women entrepreneurs and children to change their beliefs into power beliefs through her program TAKE CHARGE 5x Formula she is also been a global entrepreneur in the field of fashion with a turnover of 130 cr plus which started a decade ago with an investment of 40k, she empowers women to soar higher. She has been mentored for 6 years by celebrity coach Arfeen khan and is a international keynote speaker, her story is that of a woman who had crores in her account and someone who lost it all at the age of 42.


She rebuilt herself and now is a proud single mom of two wonderful children - she took charge and is happy to be a author of her book 9 Ways To Empower which has been autographed by Ratan Tata, Hritik Roshan and foreword by Shaina nc.

Gemini on Other Entrepreneurs

Gemini has worked with many women entrepreneurs where she said “ all entrepreneurs want to be like rabbits fast and rewarded asap.

Ready to run the race at the shoot of a bullet almost as if they have been chained for long and now are free to run towards their dreams. Excited, eager, restless and at times reckless and easy prey to fast track results.

So every result is needed quicker; they at times are so desperate to make profits that they overlook the foundation of their business.

While they look forward to conquering the world 80 percent of them have not conquered their inner demons. The inner work is almost always ignored and they lack TAKING CHARGE.

According to Gemini they have seen a quick taste of success and good profits and when it’s few months or weeks or at times few years later they start pulling out their own hair out of frustration, lack of energy and of course stuck in the rut feeling burnt out is the fad word no matter how smart you are and how great your product is!!! when you stop loving your work and stop growing the red zone - danger zone lights up and you are in hot waters either you move up or you get burnt down.

Thoughts for Women Entrepreneurs

I see well to do women entrepreneurs who are in no hurry to make that extra profit.

They want to soak into detail, build a strong brand and invest deeply into creating a long lasting business which will go on or most cases need to be carried on as a second generation entrepreneur who takes over a legacy.

Either way they resemble the tortoise who take his own time to cross the victory line slow and steady.

Challenges She Overcame

When she needed the most Gemini’s father left her for forever when she was 16. Responsibility of not only taking charge of her own life but also to earn bread for family came to her shoulder. It was not easy for her to fight the challenge life has thrown but she managed to come to the next side of it by overcoming it.


Gemini Dhar is a take charge expert, fashion entrepreneur and Author of the book 9 Ways to Empower. For over 24 years she has been working with an extensive range of people including celebreties, CEOs, home makers and children to help strengthen their core belief systems and bringing balance in their life.

She lost all her money at 42 due to a business dispute and domestic violence and fought lots of litigation case with her husband - she got the custody of her kids and now back in action with her new vision and mission.

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