We are on a Mission to Find

Worlds Best Women Entrepreneurs

  • Woman Entrepreneur of the Year

    (National & International)

    We honour entrepreneurs, who, with their disruptive ideas and passion to excel are creating successful enterprises.   Recognize Women entrepreneurs around the world, who with their creative ideas and exceptional enterprises have emerged as Builders of a better world.

  •  Best Woman Founder


    Where start-ups who transformed the Indian ecosystem will be identified, acknowledged and celebrated.

  •  Young Woman Entrepreneur of the Year

    This category will recognise a young person under the age of 30 who is showing more than a just promise; they are creating or using digital technology with passion, purpose, and a flair that sets them apart.

  • Emerging Woman Entrepreneur of the Year

    Awarded to Entrepreneurs who have successfully started and are running an innovative, for-profit business, for at least 2-3 years.


The GreatCompanies Awards give small businesses new opportunities to expand their horizons by generating exposure and building stronger networks.

For many Women Business Owners, taking time out to reflect on their achievements is paramount to their future goals.

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